DiGi iPhone 4 Real

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ok guys.. my new entry for DIGI third task.

First. moh kita nengok plan dari DIGI yang tertera di bawah ni.. *zoom untuk kesan yang berkesan*

Terkejutkan macam mana DIGI boleh bagi harga terendah sebanyak RM58 untuk plan iDIGI 88? Sila percaya..!
Actually, DIGI offers three new plans for their customers; 

iDiGi 88

iDiGi 138

iDiGi 238 

And what I love about DiGi iPhone 4 Plans is becoz it offers suitable rate that fit me much. Yes, Im not a postpaid user yet. Currently stick to prepaid plan. However, after seeing the postpaid packages from DIGI, it makes me hesitating to use prepaid anymore!
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Yup! FnF gimme funs! I love to have extra-extra-extra talks with my Mom and Dad. My gurlfwens my boyfwens extra-extra! heh! That rate is sow incredible for me laaah! Talk more, pay less with DIGI.
Jum juget-juget gumbira!

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Btw, for more details please visit DIGI a.s.a.p!