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Tuesday, September 28, 2010
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Yo yo yo !
iPhone 4 comes again.
Now, lets choose our favorite application from iTunes App Store. Which one I prefer most..?
First of all, iPhone 4 as we know comes out with many new features and application .
My favourite application???
mine choose:

Apps for students. I prefer 

iStudiez Pro


Because I'm still a student. 
I need to organize myself.
I need to schedule  all my task.
I need to track the deadlines of my assignments also, plan my homeworks.
I wanna go out, shopping, movies, 'lepaking', dating with my girlfwens, many more.
Need to plan well such things.

I don't want miss lecture and lab anymore.
And of course,

stay on course for the  big EXAM.
Be C.O.O.L girl.
 YES. The other important features for me is "calendar". 
and the kuruss thinner iPHONE will help me out so much!!


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