DiGi iPhone 4 Me

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Hoyyeh hoyyeh come to me come to me
whether u are red 
u are green 
Ummm yummy yummy
u both looks sooow tempting!

But haayyy!
wait wait wait! and waittt uhh..
got sumtin more GORGEOUS for me!
not u RED not u GREEN
DiGi iPhone 4 Me...

Hoyyeh hoyyeh come to me come to me
Owsshhhh...u look more GORGEOUS than they see
with u i can call my femili
my frens my clicks as i tell u
and of course my boyfie*teeeeetttt*
not even call but i wish them to see me
with DIGI iPHONE no problemo, yippieeee!

Hoyyeh hoyyeh come to me come to me
I want u I want u
U will make my life easier
Like a model I want u to catch me
My smile my laugh
DIGI iPHONE capture, keef 'em for me

Hoyyeh hoyyeh come to me come to me
DIGI iPHONE please come to me
With u I can facebooking
With u I can twittering
With u I can emailing
With u I can typing typo
Tulis surat cinta also maybe?
Then they can't said I am not updating
Is dat really?

Hoyyeh hoyyeh come to me come to me
Its really really lah
DIGI iPHONE come to me
I lap u and u lap me!!
wink wink

Yo guys!
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Its awesome! DIGI iPHONE 4 will make our life easier rite.! Lagi cunn, lagi kurus..upss thinner I mean and will let u to record videos in stunning high definition..puasss hati! Plus, no more 'kong kong' battery la beb like my phone skarang nie, nak call lama2 tara boleh maaa...aiyyoo! GO iPHONE 4! GO DIGI!! Pomm Pomm!

So, best of luck to me and fwens, wish me luck oso uh! ;P Have fun ols!!

p/s:: ai malu bila muka tertayang kat iklan DIGI ni! Ahaks!