welcome december

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Finally, here comes December. Eleven months have passed. Yet, life still in progress. Continuously, days by days. Improvement is important. Even though have to face too many obstacles there, just keep in track. FOCUS. Remember that we have a power of mind.

Responsibility, honesty, happiness , tears, negativity, frustration, manipulation, loyalty,pain, depression, ext. ; all these ups and downs, are to be expected in life, unpredictable. Conflicts will occur as well. Too many reasons and causes to be considered, not to be abandoned. Sometimes, when the downs get really down, its enough to reveal inner spiritual and push ourselves to become stronger. They're not killing.

It's a new moon but soon it's a new year. Its at the end but a new month to start over again. And its all about time. December, means a lot. Lots of happiness to come, hopefully.  Its about December, cold and silent - my interpretation, meant to be meaningful.

::... and I go back to december all the time ...::